Climatical Conditions:
Climatical conditions are very good and healthy since it is located in hills. No cities and crowded towns around the periphery of 40-50 kms. The place is surrounded by thick jungle. Since the jungle is declared as wild life sanctuary it is full of medicinal and herbal plants.

Monsoon : Monsoon starts from 1st week of June till mid or end of Sept. Heavy torrents with roaring winds in June and July. Everywhere greenery, streams and waterfalls, beautiful scenes of nature. Sometimes the weather becomes to foggy. It is always cold in rainy season and sometimes the monsoon continues till middle of Oct but the intensity of rains minimizes after mid of Sept.

(Note: Visitors are advised to bring rain clothings if they are visiting the Bhimashankar in monsoon)

Winter : 4 months for winter, it is not too cold, one can enjoy the sun in Dec. and Jan. Overall the winter is comfortable.

Summer : It starts from the mid of Feb. till the end of May. It is pleasant all the way as you get constant cool breezes from ever green forest.

Bhimashankar, Tal  Khed, Dist  Pune, State  Maharashtra,
Country  India, Continent  Asia

Height : 979 Meters above Sea Level

Longitude East : 73 36 min 13.3 sec

Latitude North : 19 04 min 0.67 sec

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